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O great god-king Xerxes Essay

O incredible god-lord Xerxes, I have heard that you are intending to dispatch a full-scale attack of the Greek countries following on the means of your dad, Darius. I come here before you to endeavor to discourage you of your arrangements for Greece. As I am at one time a conspicuous resident of one of the numerous city-states in the country, it would do you well to tune in to my recommendation as it contains broad information on what you are going to confront in the event that you push through with your arrangements. O King, scarcely ten years back, your dad Darius propelled a comparable intrusion against the Greek city-states in counter to the Athenians’ supporting the Ionians in their rebel contrary to his standard. Despite the fact that it had been at first effective, the intrusion was at last put to an end by his thrashing during the Battle of Marathon. It could be important that, in spite of the fight being a triumph, it was an edgy assault by the Athenian armed force that caused the thrashing of your father’s military. Sparta, maybe the state with the most impressive military in the entirety of Greece, was missing from the fight and, after its all said and done the Greeks scored a triumph. Every city-state in Greece acts autonomously from one another. They are each administered by their particular rulers and are not impacted by the undertakings of the other city-states. In any case, it isn't incomprehensible for every one of them to call for help to each other as prove by the Ionian call for help during the past war. Sartus was taken gratitude to the guide gave by Athens, who had the significant commitment in the united armed force, and by Eretria. Sparta had picked postpone sending military guide as it had chosen a full moon expected to go before they do anything and were along these lines missing from the Battle of Marathon, where your father’s armed force was vanquished totally. Had Sparta’s powers been available, its boss military may contrasted with Athens would almost certainly add to absolute annihilation of the Persian powers under your father’s order. Nonetheless, and, after its all said and done, your father’s fighters lost under the Greeks. On the off chance that you assault now, O King, you hazard inciting a significantly more noteworthy partnership that would now be able to incorporate Sparta, which is your most impressive adversary on the fields of Greece. The Spartans are a race that places most extreme accentuation on military preparing and raising prevalent officers that have been tried in war. Besides, the Spartans will never partake and are not intrigued by any partnership that won't mean administration to them. They can be a vain and self-important country yet with the solidarity to back their vanity up. In the event that you undermine the whole Greek nation now, your Majesty, the significant forces of the country will align themselves with Sparta in charge. With Spartan strategies and warriors at the vanguard, your military †regardless of how extraordinary †will run into genuine restriction which can result into a considerably more prominent death than what has happened to your father’s powers in Marathon. As could be normal from any country, the Greeks have contrived fight strategies that are most appropriate to their landscape. They know their territory; you can anticipate that them should exploit that and bait your powers into an inconvenience in fight. With a potential collusion under Spartan authority, the Greek can have a strategic and key favorable position regardless of whether your military is more noteworthy in number. O Wise King, extraordinary astuteness it would be not to depend on the more prominent quantities of your furnished host. The Greeks, particularly the Spartans, won't be handily dismayed. They have strategies that can be very powerful when utilized in territory which they know well. For instance, your dad Darius in Marathon confronted a strategy called the phalanx. By definition, a Greek fight line sent in a phalanx implies there is equivalent quality in all sides of the fight development. Be that as it may, in Marathon, the Greek officer confronted better numbers yet was capable than change the phalanx into a compelling variation: he fortified the wings of his fight development while debilitating the middle. From the start you would feel that the Greeks were ending it all and, surely, the Greeks appeared to be at the purpose of distress. Be that as it may, more grounded wings implied that the Greeks figured out how to hold off the wings of your father’s developments, keeping them down and crippling them from fortifying the focal point of King Darius’ fight lines. Along these lines, it was then that the Persian armed forces were encircled and steered by the Greek armed force in Marathon. The aftereffects of the fight were awful. Your dad lost a sizable segment of his officers, multiple times more than what the Greeks lost in that equivalent fight. A subsequent Marathon isn't the main thing that you should stress over in the direct of fight in this arranged intrusion. A more awful fight anticipates your powers in the event that you push through. In Greece, there is a spot which we call the â€Å"Hot Gates† or Thermopylae. This spot is a thin pass flanked by a sheer bluff divider on one side, and the ocean on the opposite side. This is a battleground perfect for the phalanx. In such a restricted pass, the phalanx will fill in as a wedge that will pass through your assaulting powers. The Greeks need just to fortify their cutting edges with the back gatekeeper only pushing the front officers forward. In here, the prevalent quantities of your incredible armed force will mean nothing. The Greeks, particularly the Spartans and the Athenians, know about this pass; they will utilize this to further their potential benefit to hold off your military while a more prominent power stores up for counter. A Spartan-drove phalanx could be as crushing as any phalanx, which had been demonstrated by the Athenian strategies in Marathon. As should have been obvious, Great King Xerxes, the sheer size of your military is both your quality and your obligation. To help such an enormous host, you need a sizable naval force to convey supplies to and fro. Your naval force will be extended slight supporting your extraordinary armed force; it will likewise need to suffer against whatever maritime counterattacks and offensives that the Greeks may dispatch against you. You could confront a maritime circumstance like Thermopylae in Salamis. It is a restricted channel, one which can lessen your naval force into a bottleneck and decrease their adequacy. The Greeks can take your boats out individually regardless of whether they might be littler in size. Think about my insight in this issue, King Xerxes. I daresay that, regardless of whether you hold the more prominent number of powers, you would think that its difficult to oversee them adequately at littler levels. The Greeks, my previous comrades, are prodigies both in grant and in fight; your dad Darius discovered that the most difficult way possible in the fields of Marathon under the Athenians alone. With a potential container Greek coalition †with the relentless Spartans driving †your powers face one more mortifying destruction like Marathon, just this time you will confront the joined may of all the city-conditions of Greece. Forsake this arrangement now, before this outcomes to obliteration of your relentless host. Sources: Wheeler, Kevin. (2001). â€Å"Ancient Greek Battles of Marathon, Thermopylae, Artemisium and Salamis. † Retrieved November 30, 2008, from Ancient World Battles site: http://www. geocities. com/caesarkevin/fights/Greekbattles1. html Lendering, Jona. (2005). â€Å"Phalanx and Hoplites. † Retrieved November 30, 2008 from Livius. organization site: http://www. livius. organization/pha-phd/phalanx/phalanx. html Lopez, Vincent. (2008) â€Å"Shock Tactics on the Ancient Battlefield. † Retrieved November 30, 2008 from Armchair General site: http://www. armchairgeneral. com/stun strategies on-the-old combat zone. htm/5 Stewart, Michael. â€Å"People, Places and Things: Xerxes I†, Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant. Recovered November 30, 2008 from Messagenet site: http://messagenet. com/fantasies/ppt/Xerxes_I_1. html Freedom44. (2004). â€Å"The First Persian War †Greek Wars. † Retrieved from Free Republic site: http://freerepublic. com/center/f-news/1196577/posts

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Scholarship Essay Topics and Trends for 2020

Scholarship Essay Topics and Trends for 2020In the past, writers of scholarship essays often have two choices: to include a lot of popular scholarship essay topics, or to provide essay topics that are new and innovative. This year there is an added challenge for the writers. In this article we will explore some of the newer scholarship essay topics, some old favorites, and also some traditional, more traditional scholarship essay topics.If you are trying to break into the science fiction or fantasy writing field, consider using literary terms as much as possible. They tend to be simpler, less confusing, and easier to understand. When used carefully they can provide a very strong foundation for your writing.Novel Scholarship Essay Topics - Novel essay topics have changed a great deal in recent years. Now they tend to use realistic and more generic words. These are far more difficult to write about, because it's harder to represent them with regular words. Novel essay topics include fi ctional characters, settings, plot points, and events that seem to have no relation to real life.Another recent trend in scholarship essays is the more traditional, concrete style. These essay topics tend to use more concrete and specific language, though not necessarily technical. These essay topics are ideal for higher level academic writing, though they may not be for the academic student that is only beginning to learn how to write academically. Some examples of this type of essay would be 'The History of the Dune Mythology'The History of the Three Kings.'Math and Science Scholarship Essay Topics - Science and math scholarship essay topics tend to be fairly difficult to write about. They usually require a certain amount of science and math vocabulary. They are often written in broad strokes, using more math and science terms. These topics tend to be difficult to convey by using the simple and straightforward language of their popular cousins.Original Research Scholarship Essay T opics - Research essay topics can be complex to write about, because of the language that they require. The topics of 'Foundations of Modern Physics'Genesis of Modern Physics' are more difficult to convey than more common academic essay topics.Many students are skeptical about writing about their topic. Though these research essay topics are definitely challenging to write about, they also demand original research, a large amount of research, and great attention to detail. Some examples of these types of essay topics would be 'Origins of Modern Art' 'Origins of Modern Music' 'Origins of Modern Biology'Origins of Modern Culture.'While these are not all of the popular scholarship essay topics. They do serve as a good introduction to some of the current challenges.

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Synthesis Essay - Attila The Hun - 1449 Words

Synthesis Essay – Attila the Hun Senior Master Sergeant Raymond Moose Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy Attila the Hun My leader, at first thought, rained down death and destruction to all that opposed him and sometimes to those even within his own ranks. But for those that stood alongside him, he rewarded well and made them leaders themselves. My leader is ATTILA THE HUN. I see Attila as an untraditional visionary leader who displayed unethical character. This paper will explore how he brought together an empire of people focused on one solid vision using methods of motivation and diversity concepts that exist today but also how he was quite unethical in his morals and logic to attain that vision. Finally, I’ll touch on how his legacy of those traits relate to me. First let’s dive into why I see him as visionary. Visionary Leader We cannot deny that Attila’s visionary tactics led him and his people to become icons in history. After his father’s death, Attila and his brother, Bleda, were able to amplify the drive of their troops with the ideal of power utilizing their version of the contingent-reward theory of extrinsic motivation in accordance with Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education (BCEE) (2014a, pg.10). This motivation ranged from execution to exile to all who opposed him. Although harsh, this type of incentive to drive his vision forward made him successful in uniting hundreds of very diverse tribes to combine their

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The Gulf Of Mexico And America - 1170 Words

The Gulf of Mexico is a partially locked body of water surrounded by the North American continent (Gulf of Mexico, 2000). The gulf links five southern U.S states: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas and six Mexican states: Tamaulipas, Vera Cruz, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatà ¡n, and Quintana Roo (Gulf of Mexico Facts, 2015). The gulf surrounds Cuba and connects to the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf of Mexico may just seem like another body of water, but that is far from the truth. This body of water has many contributions to society and society has also affected it in many ways because of its resources. Before doing any research I believed that the Gulf of Mexico was owned by Mexico and I found out that this was a misconception. No one other than the federal government owns this body of water. There are Territorial waters, which are â€Å"areas of a body of water that contact land and are claimed by an specific country† (Who Owns the Gulf of Mexico? 2010). This means th at there is a 12 miles wide band that would belong to what ever land it touches. For example 12 miles out of the coast of Florida belong to the United States. However, parts of the Gulf of Mexico can be leased to petroleum and gas companies in order for the government and the companies to create a profit. The word profit takes me to one of my points of this paper on how the Gulf of Mexico helps the people and the country. The Gulf of Mexico benefits North America greatly because of its economical aspects.Show MoreRelatedThe Gulf Of Mexico And North And South America1757 Words   |  8 Pages The Gulf of Mexico is in the center of both North and South America. It is in the Atlantic Ocean, and it is almost surrounded by Mexico and the U.S. It is a four hundred and fifty mile stretch between Florida the Yucatà ¡n. From east to west the gulf measures about 1,100 miles and from north to south 800 miles. It has an area of more than 500,000 square miles. Most of the 3,000-mile coast is low and marshy, outlined for much of its length by barren sandbars. These are sometimes 100 miles long withRead MoreThe Gulf Of Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, And Alabama972 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The Gulf of Mexico, an ocean basin mostly surrounded by the North America continental, is generally referred as the south coast of America and one of the major regions for source and infrastructure of oil and gas supply in the United States. Four of the states including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico consist of the significant petroleum-producing area. According to the data provided by the Energy Information Administration [1], the Gulf of Mexico offshore oilRead MoreThe Spill That Flooded Our Hearts906 Words   |  4 Pagesoccurred in the Gulf of Mexico. The BP oil spill, or the Gulf of Mexico spill, more than 200 million gallons of crude oil were pumped into the Gulf of Mexico for a total of 87 days, making it the biggest oil spill in U.S. history. The BP pipes were leaking oil and gas on the ocean floor about 40 miles off the coast of Louisiana. The disaster killed 11 workers and injured 17. By the time the well was capped on July 15, 2010 an est imated 3.19 million barrels of oil had leaked into the gulf. As much asRead MoreLos Zetas: Mexicos Second Most Powerful Drug Cartel Essay example1682 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION. Recognized as one of the most fearless and violent cartels in all of Mexico, Los Zetas was brought forth by a need for personal security in the Gulf Cartel. This former hit man/security style operation, active since 1997, has since grown into its own ruthless and violent organization becoming the second most powerful cartel and easily the most feared in all of Mexico. Heavily trained and armed, members of Los Zetas are set apart from other cartels because of the level of brutalityRead MoreEssay about Drilling for Oil in The Gulf of Mexico985 Words   |  4 PagesAmerica has been dependant on oil since the 1800’s and the invention of modern machinery. From skin care products to the gasoline in our cars and engines, petroleum is the basis of almost everything we use for everyday life. Without oil the nation could not meet the energy demands we need to survive. Continued exploration has been the topic of heated debate among supporters and opponents, especially when it comes to offshore drilling. My goal here is to show the differing view points of drillingRead MoreThe Mexican Cartel Is A Ruthless Crime Origination1182 Words   |  5 PagesThe Mexican cartel is a ruthless crime origination. It controls Mexico through bribes and fear. There are many factions of the cartel, and they are at constant war with one another. They war over many reasons from drugs to human trafficking. These battles often spill out into the streets causing the loose of many innocent lives. The cartel has a strangle hold on the Mexican people. The cartels operate much like other organized crime groups. Like the Mafia there are many factions. Each factionRead MoreThe Louisiana Territory And How It Changed America Forever1066 Words   |  5 Pagessettled from the Mississippi River in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west and from the Gulf of Mexico in the south to the Canadian border in the north. With the Louisiana Purchase the U.S acquired most of that land. How did this land help define the United States of America as a Nation? This essay will discuss the actions leading up to the Acquirement of the Louisiana territory and how it changed America forever. In 1762 France ceded French Louisiana west of the Mississippi River to Spain. TheRead MoreThe Deepwater Horizon Mobile Offshore Wells Exploratory Platforms1537 Words   |  7 PagesA detonation on the Deepwater Horizon mobile offshore wells-exploratory platforms unit near the Gulf of Mexico, operated by British Petroleum, on April 20, 2010, or known as BP oil spill. The BP oil catastrophe ignited due to high-pressure methane gas by drilling a deep exploratory at Macondo well, reported by Up Stream Online news. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill still outlasts as a great size accidental marine oil spill in the records of the petroleum industry. The date, report details, and locationRead Moreindex.html Mexico Location Mexico is bordered by the United States to the north and Guatemala and900 Words   |  4 Pagesindex.html Mexico Location Mexico is bordered by the United States to the north and Guatemala and Belize to the southeast. In the east is the Gulf of Mexico. The center of Mexico is a great plateau with mountain chains on the east and west and also with ocean low lands. History of Mexico Three great civilizations the Mayas, the Olmecs and the Toltecs previous the Aztec empire, conquered in 1519–1521 by the Spanish under Hernando Cortà ©s. Spain ruled Mexico until Sept. 16, 1810, when the MexicansRead MoreAmerica s Freedom Of Freedom1495 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Since 2011, the Freedom House has classified Mexico as a purple, or a â€Å"not free† country in its annual Freedom of the Press report. The upraise of violence in the country, stemmed from its war against drugs, has threatened Mexico’s freedom of expression and practice of journalism, undermining the foundations of the country’s democracy. During the last 12 years, 82 journalists have been murdered, 18 have disappeared and there have been 33 attacks on media outlets according to the National

Modest Mussorgsky Bio free essay sample

Modest Mussorgsky Russia has produced many great composers – Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Rachmaninoff are all very well known. In the mid-1800s, a group of 5 composers, known as â€Å"The Five,† greatly influenced Russian music by incorporating Russian folk and religious melodies and styles into their works. Modest Mussorgsky was one of â€Å"The Five† and his works helped define the Russian Nationalistic style. Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky was born in Karevo, Russia on March 21, 1839. His parents were landowners and members of the minor nobility, but his some of his descendents had been serfs.He spent the first ten years of his life on the family estate. In his autobiographical sketch written late in his life, Mussorgsky said that he learned about Russian folklore and fairy tales from his nurse when he was a toddler. He wrote, â€Å"This early familiarity with the spirit of the people, with the way they lived, lent the first and greatest impetus to my musical improvisations†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Mussorgsky) When he was 6 years old, he started taking piano lessons from his mother, who was herself an accomplished pianist. When he was 10 years old, his father took Modest and his older brother Filaret to St. Petersburg and enrolled them in the Peterschule – an elite school for the sons of gentry – to prepare them for a military career. While enrolled, he began to study piano with Anton Herke (who would later become professor of music at the St. Petersburg Conservatory), an acclaimed pianist in St. Petersburg (Mussorgsky). After spending two years at the Peterschule, he spent a year at A. A. Komarov’s boarding school for prospective cadets. He entered the Cadet School of the Guards in 1852.During that period, it was common for young men in his social class to become military officers (Oldani). It was there that Mussorgsky published his first composition, the Podpraporshchik (Porte-Enseigne Polka). In the tradition of all college students, the work was published at his father’s expense (Mussorgsky). This composition was originally lost, but was rediscovered and published in 1947. In 1856, Mussorgsky graduated from school and was commissioned as an officer in the Russian Imperial Guard. In August 1856, he met Alekandr Borodin, a fellow army officer. During the winter of 1856, Mussorgsky discovered the music of Mikhail Glinka and that discovery stoked the Russophilic fire in Mussorgsky. On June 17, 1858, Mussorgsky resigned his commission in the Russian military so that he could devote all his time to music. In June 1859, while visiting an acquaintance near Moscow, Mussorgsky saw the Kremlin for the first time which strengthened his connection with Russian history (Oldani). In 1861, Tsar Alexander II abolished serfdom and the serfs were freed from servile status.Property owners were forced to hand over land to the now-free serfs (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). This decree was very hard on the minor nobility – the Mussorgsky family included. Mussorgsky’s father had died in 1853, and the family estate was already being poorly administered. Losing their land only exacerbated the situation. During 1861 and 1862, Mussorgsky had to help his brother with running the matters of the estate; however, because of the reforms, the family was gradually forced into poverty. In 1863, Mussorgsky had to accept a job as a civil servant in the Ministry of Communications (Mussorgsky).Oldani notes that he also moved into a commune with â€Å"five other young men, living in the same flat and ardently cultivating and exchanging scientistic ideas on art, religion, philosophy and politics. † In 1865, his mother died and he started drinking heavily. He moved in with his brother and sister-in-law, which helped with his recovery; however, he would continue to have alcohol problems for the rest of his life (Oldani). 1866 marked the beginning of Mussorgsky’s maturity as a composer. During that year, he completed a compilation of 18 songs, plus some other songs (Oldani).Unfortunately, in April 1867, he was furloughed from his job (Mussorgsky). In late 1868, Mussorgsky started working on his opera, Boris Godunov ? based on a play by Aleksandr Pushkin. In early 1869, he was appointed to another civil service job with the Forestry Department. He finished his opera in late 1869 but his first draft was rejected by the theatre committee because it didn’t have an extended female part, so Mussorgsky started revising the opera. He added a female part. He also added a few scenes and rewrote others. These revisions improved the opera but made it less faithful to the original Pushkin play.The request for performance was resubmitted and, after working its way up the bureaucratic chain-of-command, Tsar Alexander II approved Boris Godunov for performance on April 17, 1872 but, due to prior commitments by the theatre, it didn’t premiere until January 1874 (Oldani). After the premiere of his opera, Mussorgsky’s creativity really came alive. He composed one of his great piano works, Kartinki s vystavki (Pictures from an Exhibition), and several song cycles (Frolova-Walker). By the end of the summer of 1875, Mussorgsky was penniless.He was evicted by his landlady and had to move in with one of his friends. He started drinking heavily, again. Between 1875 and 1881, he worked on a few additional projects. He also worked a few different jobs, but none that paid enough to support him. In February 1881, his friends were concerned enough to take him to a hospital. For a while, his health improved but, on March 28, 1881, he had a seizure and died. He was 42 years old (Mussorgsky). During his lifetime, Mussorgsky completed one major opera, several orchestral works, almost twenty piano compositions, and more than 60 songs.His compositions reflect Russian culture during that time period and Mussorgsky must be considered one of the great composers. In February or March of 1874, Mussorgsky attended a memorial art exhibit of watercolors and sketches created by Viktor Hartmann, a well-known artist and architect. Mussorgsky and Hartmann had been introduced by a mutual acquaintance, Vladimir Stasov, in 1870 and they became very good friends. Hartmann had died of a heart attack the previous year at age 39, and Mussorgsky decided to pay tribute to him by creating a collection of compositions depicting 10 of these works (Frankenstein 277).He completed this collection, written for solo piano, in June 1874 and entitled it Kartinki s vystavki, or Pictures from an Exhibition. It has become one of Mussorgsky’s best-known compositions (Mussorgsky). Unfortunately, many of the Hartmann artworks that inspired Mussorgsky have been lost. Pictures from an Exhibition depicts a visitor’s travels through an art gallery. The 1st theme, Promenade, which recurs between most of the movements, emulates the viewer’s stroll as he moves from painting to painting. When the Promenade is not being played, the music reflects the scene depicted in the painting at which the gallery visitor is looking.Sometimes, the Promenade theme stops abruptly, reflecting the way that, while walking around, one’s attention is suddenly drawn to a work of art (Jacobson). The movement is written in alternating bars of 5/4 and 6/4. According to Frankenstein, notes and letters written by Vladimir Stasov when the first edition of the music was published indicate that the 2nd movement, entitled Gnomus, represents â€Å"a little gnome walking awkwardly on deformed legs† and that the drawing on which the music is based â€Å"was a design for a toy nutcracker made for the Christmas tree at the St.As the music progresses and the oxen plod into the distance, there is a gradual decresendo to ppp. Up until now, the Pro menade theme has been written in major keys. This time, however, Mussorgsky uses a melancholic minor key, quiet dynamic level and a tranquil, thoughtful tempo – perhaps to show that viewing Hartmann’s art reminds him how much he misses his friend. Ballet of The Chickens in their Shells immediately follows Promenade. Stasov says that the inspiration for this piece was â€Å"a little picture by Hartmann for the setting of a picturesque scene in the ballet Trilby† (Frankenstein 283).The composer uses quick grace notes and a light, bright timbre that lets the listener hear the chicks peeping in their shells. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle (Two Polish Jews: one rich, the other poor) features two different themes which are each played separately, then combined into one. The first theme is low pitched and ponderous; the second theme is shrill and strident. Promenade appears again in essentially the same form as it was the very first time that it is heard. Limoges, The Market Place brings to mind the hustle and bustle of a busy marketplace.As the women scurry about, doing their shopping, they stop to gab and gossip. Catacombae represents, according to Stasov, â€Å"the artist himself looking at the catacombs of Paris by the light of a lantern† (Frankenstein 286). Mussorgsky uses sudden dynamics changes, a minor key and several long, dissonant chords in a row to create an ominous mood. Cum mortuis in lingua mortua means â€Å"With the dead in a dead language. † This section is really just a very sad version of the Promenade theme. The quiet trills in the treble line give the work a ghostly quality.

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Remember the titans Essays - Racism, Discrimination, Films

Remember the titans Remember the Titans Remember the Titans takes place in a small town in Virginia called Alexandria. This little town forces the civil rights law of integration. Combining a white school and black school was not such a good idea in this town. Today we will discuss the differences in the white and blacks, such as the racism, the realistic conflict theory and prejudice, and conformity amongst the people. The only thing different between and black person and white person is the skin color. They both have two arms, two legs, a head, a heart, two feet, and so forth. But in this town white people thought just a little different. The first encounter of a white and black was the coaches. The new African American coach, Coach Boones has had an opportunity to take the head coach position, over the white head Coach Yoast. Coach Yoast was a Hall of fame coach. So many of the players were confused as to what was going on. Many white people thought this was unfair. The football players was white and African American and where forced to go to a football camp together. They are forced to cooperate, and suffer hard drills together. White and the African Americans in this town have always known to judge each other. This would be an example of Racism. Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race based on the belief that ones own race is superior. Racism is also a recurring theme and it has shown to be difficult to overcome, but not impossible. Discrimination is also a form of racism. Discrimination is when the behaviors affect a certain group of people. The white peoples actions also had an effect on the African Americans or vice versa, the African Americans actions always had an effect of the white people. White people always thought they were in control over the African Americans. So the racism to the African Americans was pretty strong. When Coach Yoast had lost his first game thats when Coach Boones took over. So automatically the white people are saying very racist comments about Coach Boones. A fight breaks out during school between the African Americans and the whites. The whites think they are more superior to the African Americans. That is when the students show racism. The white parents also show there racism when they the fight the bus transportation to and from school. But dont think the African Americans dont show their racism. The African Americans was just quite about it at first. The African Americans was the ones who had to change schools and combine with the whites. So they think they should be number one in anything as well as the whites. When the team over comes the racism and actually acts as a team is when they start playing good. One African American on the team spoke up and said, No player is perfect, but the team is perfect. Racism still goes on in the real world today. It happens daily, whenever it shouldnt even be brought up. We all have the same rights. We shouldnt judge other by their skin tone or even their views on things. The realistic group conflict theory which is kind of like prejudice is when two or more groups are seeking the same limited resources this will lead to conflict, negative stereotypes and beliefs, and discrimination between the groups. When prejudice is judging a person on the bases of stereotypes about the group to which the person belongs. Prejudice and the realistic group conflict theory relate because they both stereotype groups. Just like the whites and blacks are stereotyping each other in Remember the Titans. In the beginning of the movie, white and the African American football players are mainly worried about their position on the field and if they was going to be starting. Starting positions are very limited, so that is why the African Americans and whites fight over them. To make an African American player look bad, the white football players wouldnt block for the African American during practice. The white people just wanted to make the African Americans look